A SC Reader Notes Sam Francis Solved Chandra Levy Case Years Ago
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From: Cory Bone (email him)

Re: "Salvadoran Suspect — But Chandra's Killing Unlikely To Be Solved" By Sam Francis

Regarding the recent news of an arrest in the Chandra Levy case, Sam Francis solved this crime a year after it happened, nearly seven years before an arrest warrant was issued for El Salvadoran illegal Ingmar Guandique.

VDARE.com comments: Sam Francis noted (June 3, 2002: "I have no idea who killed Miss Levy or why, but I'd take a long, hard look at the chap known as Ingmar Guandique, a Salvadoran now in prison for attacks on two other young women in the same area not long after Miss Levy disappeared."

The Washington Post reported (March 3, 2009): "D.C. police and prosecutors said yesterday that they will charge a 27-year-old Salvadoran man [Ingmar Guandique] wwith first-degree murder in the killing of Chandra Levy nearly eight years ago during a sexual assault along a desolate hiking trail deep in Rock Creek Park."

Nearly eight years after this tragedy occurred, two incisive observations come to mind: "To see what is in front of one's nose needs a constant struggle" –George Orwell; "Hell is truth seen too late" –Thomas Hobbes

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