An AZ Reader Comments On Phoenix's Top Car Theft Rating
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November 15, 2003

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A Reader Says Bush Cheerleaders' Employment Math Doesn't Add Up

From:  "EB"

Re:  "National Data:  Diversity Is Strength. It's Also Car Theft." —by Edwin S. Rubenstein

What is ironic about this story's citing Phoenix's highest auto theft rate in the country is that, in the name of 'diversity', Phoenix's Mayor Skip Rimza [[email protected]] appointed a black as police chief, a Harold L. Hurtt. He is a member of the NAACP and was put into power in 1998 after the head of the Phoenix Chapter of the NAACP, Oscar Tillman, led a dishonest crusade that alleged racism within the police department. The chicken mayor of Phoenix hired one of their members to appease the loud-mouthed Tillman and his leftist black agitators.

Crime has shot way up under this apparently incompetent police chief. But of course it will be a long time before any white mayor fires him for it.

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