A Reader Says Bush Cheerleaders` Employment Math Doesn't Add Up
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November 11, 2003

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From: Randall Burns [email him]

Bush cheerleaders are touting the current "recovery"—creating 125,000 new jobs/month.

What these numbers ignore is the demands placed on the US by current immigration policies.

"Approximately 1 million people receive permanent residency annually. In addition, the Census Bureau estimates a net increase of 500,000 illegal immigrants annually." [Center For Immigration Studies, "Current Numbers"]

Simple arithmetic indicates that 125,000 new jobs per month are necessary just to equal the number of new permanent residents and illegal immigrants every year.

These numbers do not include "temporary workers" that come on L1 and H-1b visas. Current H-1b quotas are 65,000/year (until November, 2003 they were over 195,000/year). And L1 visas aren't firmly capped—and appear likely to rise in light of new legislation. (There are about 300,000 L1 Visa holders currently in the US).

So the real picture for American workers? Their decline in employment relative to immigration may slow, but there is no real substantive reason to expect long-term improvement for American workers.

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