An Australian Reader, (Soon To Be An American Citizen) Comments On H1B
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From: (name withheld)

Re Dr. Norm Matloff On H1-B And Age

Perhaps I am an outlier, but I came to the US at age 46 on an H1B because my skills were very rare in the US. I only had a four-year degree in Computer science, but I had specialized in working with and writing books about a couple of pieces of software used heavily by startups in the Bay Area. I am a white Australian of British descent and am in the process of applying for citizenship.

I am in my fifties now and have a green card (courtesy of the wonderfully stupid Diversity Lottery) and I still get job offers from companies.

I also work with lots of really smart people, both US-born and non-US-born.

One of the things I have seen is that quite a lot of young Americans think that they should be given everything they want just because they are US born. They seem unwilling to work as hard as I and most of my non-US-born coworkers, and if all Americans become like that, then there is a very real possibility that someone else will steal America's lunch.

On the other hand, however, one of the big problems in my mind is that various nanny-state governments make it enormously expensive to hire and fire workers...

I fear that CA is making it more and more expensive for high-tech to do business in this state, and that they will eventually all move out.

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