An Australian Reader Says That Trump Has The Last Laugh On The AUS/US Refugee Swap
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Re: OZ PM Turnbull Insults, Mocks, Trump After Rolling Him On Behalf Of Terrorist-Connected Muslim "Refugees"

From: Phil Shannon [Email him]

Remember the “refugee swap” between the Australian and US governments? The deal was negotiated by the then Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, and the then US President, Barack Obama, in 2016 to help Australia clear its illegal boat arrivals from offshore island detention by sending them to the US in exchange for America sending some of its illegals to Australia.

How’s that all working out, then? Well, I’m afraid that America “isn’t sending its best” illegals to Australia.

Amongst the US-based swap consignment have been two Rwandan refugees. Bought to Australia last year, the pair had been accused of killing eight Western tourists (including one Australian) who were on a mountain gorilla tour in 1999 in Uganda.

The Rwandan duo currently reside in Queensland, where a woke non-government organization moves them around every few months to keep locals in the dark about their unsavory new neighbours.

The current Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, has justified the men’s presence in Australia as not posing a threat because they were cleared in the US of murder in 2006 after a judge ruled their confessions had been coerced through torture. This is despite a US immigration judge subsequently denying the couple asylum in the US and committing them to immigration detention because, as they had been members of a Hutu militia that was designated as a terror group, they posed a danger if released in the community.

The US is well shot of two of its most undesirable illegals, so President Trump, who continued the refugee swap arrangement despite his harsh words about the deal, looks like he may have had the last laugh.

Phil Shannon is a veteran Australian working class socialist and, since 2016, a supporter. See earlier letters from him here.



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