A Reader Asks If It's True That We're "White Supremacist", We Reply That It's Extremely Fake News
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Re: Dog Whistles And Lion Whistles: Neither Trump Nor VDARE.com Is "Signalling," But SALON, VICE, And VOX Really Believe It!

From: Hassam Escamilla [Email him]

I found the sensationalized article on the Internet claiming Trump is using a photo you tweeted. The "article" claims your website is a white supremacist website yet after scrolling and clicking through a lot of your articles I find no evidence of this. I believe white supremacists are direct and open about their beliefs. So I must ask: Is this website a racist white supremacist website? I find myself agreeing with much of your articles and I'm a son of a Mexican immigrant whose name is Arabic, so the topics are probably not racist.

If you do have articles that are racist and/or have racists writing "dog whistle" articles I'd love to know. Because I am absolutely f---ing tired of people and organizations being called racists simply because liberals want to discredit them.

Peter Brimelow replies: No, we’re not white supremacist as I've explained repeatedly. See here Is VDARE.COM "White Nationalist"? and here SLATE’s Osita Nwanevu Interviews Peter Brimelow At CPAC. It doesn’t do any good though—the Left wants to believe there are Nazis under the bed.

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