A Reader Complains That In The Press, Jalique Keene Is A "Mainer"
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From: Paul M. [Email him]

Jalique Keene, who killed Mikaela Conley,is just a “man” or a “Mainer” per the local and national news outlets:Mainer gets 58 years for raping, killing former classmate, AP, September 11, 2019, and the same story, without a photo, from Yahoo News.

https://www.boston.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Screen-Shot-2018-06-06-at-1.45.07-PM.jpgThe local news story says he's a "Maine man".

Keene gets 58 years for raping, killing former classmate, Mikaela Conley
Jalique Keene was sentenced Wednesday for raping and killing his former high school classmate and 'best friend' Mikaela Conley, by Beth McEvoy, Jackie Mundry, NewsCenterMaine.com, September 11, 2019
ELLSWORTH, Maine — A Maine man convicted of raping and killing his former high school classmate, Mikaela Conley, was sentenced on Wednesday, September 11 to 58 years in prison for her murder and 30 years for her rape.

Jalique Keene was captured on surveillance video carrying Conley over his shoulder as she kicked her legs. The video later showed him carrying her lifeless body to the woods where she was found dead. Conley was 19 years old.

Keene and Conley knew each other from Mount Desert Island High School. Keene killed Conley after she gave him a ride from Boston Logan International Airport on May 31, 2018.

During the sentencing, Judge Murray said Keene's lack of willingness to take responsibility for Conley's death, despite the video evidence, was chilling. Judge Murray said it was also chilling how Keene could show his face to Conley's mother, feigning concern for her daughter, just minutes after killing her. [More]

The Bangor Daily calls him a Bar Harbor Man, and when he was arrested last year, the NY Post called him an "Ex-football player".

James Fulford writes: Blacks have been so rare in Maine that in the short story The Shawshank Redemption was made from, the Morgan Freeman character was white, and so, apparently, was everyone else in the midcentury Maine State Prison.

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