Trump's Options In The Refugee War With The Kritarchs—The Executive Branch Can Refuse To Process The Refugees
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The would-be dictatorial kritarchs who are waging war on the Constitution and President Donald J. Trump think they have the upper hand.  However, President Trump has additional action he can take to stop refugees coming to the United States.  It is one of the options this writer recommended to clip the wings of the subversive bureaucrats at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), and by extension, the saboteurs at the State Department.
Canberra, Australia (AP) — U.S. officials stopped screening refugees held on Nauru for potential resettlement in the United States this week but will return to the Pacific atoll to continue working toward a deal that President Donald Trump has condemned as "dumb," an Australian minister said Thursday.
Immigration Minister Peter Dutton would not say when U.S. Department of Homeland Security officials would return to Nauru to conduct what Trump describes as "extreme vetting." [U.S. Officials Stop Vetting Nauru Refugees for Resettlement, by Rod McGuirk, AP/Bloomberg, February 8, 2017]
What the ill-informed reporter McGuirk doesn't report and probably doesn't know is that it is USCIS employees who are sent overseas to process refugees.  And the fact that President Trump had those employees sent home is the key to thwarting the kritarchs.

All President Trump needs to do is withdraw all the USCIS employees stationed overseas, in luxurious conditions at most posts, other than those assigned to investigate immigration benefit fraud.  Those employees are from the Fraud and National Security Directorate.

Once the employees who process refugees are withdrawn, then State Department employees overseas who support refugee processing can also be withdrawn from those Embassies and Consulates that assist refugee processing.  All this can be done administratively and will end the long-term flow of refugees.

President Trump, Si Te Puede!

Muslim Refugee Potential Terrorists In Nauru
We don't want or need these people.
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