An Australian Reader Challenges The Premises Of Down-Under SJWs Who Think Their White Countrymen Prejudiced
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From: Phil Shannon [Email him] 

A team of liberal social science academics have just discovered that Australia is full of hateful bigots who delight in discriminating against minorities [ New research shows prejudice still high in Australia, but many people seeking to promote social inclusion, The Conversation, December 1, 2019].  They claim that one in four Australians report being on the receiving end of discrimination, delivered by a quarter of Australians, the Great Unwoked, who are “highly prejudiced” and who obdurately fail to correct this moral shortcoming by avoiding constructive engagement with The Other.  All of this is an affront to the "moral imperative| of Social Inclusion", the study authors earnestly conclude. 

So, has it now been confirmed, scientifically, that racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, sexism, homophobia and transphobia are rife, as SJWs feverishly proclaim?  Well, not quite. 

First, the survey assumes that being “unfairly denied a promotion or job, refused a bank loan or discouraged from continuing education” is a result of discrimination rather than the job/mortgage/university applicant failing to meet merit-based criteria (intelligence, job skills, English-language proficiency, income level, etc.).  In self-report surveys, the easy recourse to ”discrimination” as the explanation rationalizes minority failures by normalizing a victim mentality amongst those who may not be up to scratch, telling them that it is bigotry and “white privilege” that are to blame.   

As for lecturing white Australians for not being overly fond of mixing with minorities, this falsely portrays as prejudice what is a quite natural preference (amongst all sexual, racial, ethnic and other population sub-groups, not just whites) to be with their own kind who share common social values, cultural references and lifestyles. 

They state

To gauge the level of prejudice that Australians have towards others, we asked our participants if they agreed or disagreed with a series of statements, such as “most politicians care too much about racial minorities” or “women are too easily offended”.

Obviously, measuring prejudice by agreement with statements such as "most politicians care too much about racial minorities" will label as "racist" all those who, quite accurately, observe politicians fetishistically pandering to “Diversity” for electorally-beneficial virtue-signaling.  

Missing from the survey, also, is any attempt to measure how minorities may, in order to meet institutionally-approved affirmative action quotas, have benefited from their identity (real or claimed) beyond what their abilities warrant.  

Also missing from all such studies is any acknowledgement of the very real bias of woke academics in what Steve Sailer has called the "Diversity, Inclusion, Equity"(DIE) industry whose “social justice” activism masquerades as science by manufacturing the existence of as much discrimination as possible. 

Phil Shannon is a veteran working class Australian socialist and supporter. See earlier letters from Phil Shannon. 


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