An Arkansas Reader Writes On The Plethora Of Diversity Jobs in the Federal Government
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From: An Arkansas Reader [Email him]

I recently had the misfortune to be made aware of the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion for the National Institutes of Health. Apparently the NIH, which has a majority female workforce that is also 42.7% non-white, has a 45 person office to handle racism, sexism, and homosexuality-ism complaints within its ranks.

The diversity office is not a particularly diverse workplace, however. Thirty-three of its 45 employees appear to be black based on their photos , and there are no white males to be seen.

[ note: Names of the “Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion” employees include Treava, Christeenna, Darlease, Chinara, Stephon, Llauryn, Shelma, Zam, Margarite, Alfreda, Re'Neesha, and Toddchelle. (Yes, Toddchelle.)]

They have even had the temerity to let it be known that one of their employees is trained in "queer theory" and "critical race theory" , and they are paying that person over $75,000 a year of our tax dollars. Tax dollars that ostensibly should be going to improve the health of US citizens, and not funding some racial grievance factory.

So, was this in Senator Tom Coburn's "Waste Book?" Did it even hit the radar of the Cuckservative elite? John Derbyshire is right, we are doomed.

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