Unitarian Universalists: A Queer Theory Of Immigration
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Have you added "queer" to your language? You should, you know. Recently I had to spend the day at an event in a Seattle area Unitarian Universalist Church where I read on the bulletin board that we should add "queer" to our language to become more "inclusive and welcoming." Okay, I will.

On the same bulletin board I read a queer notice about a trip the church was sponsoring to border states to learn about the complexities of problems faced by "immigrants" (read illegal aliens). The church members could then return to work for "immigration justice" at home. So Unitarian Universalists are on the same team as the Evangelical leaders Allan Wall reported on who are leading the charge for amnesty. I, however, find it mighty queer that American immigration policies—which are so much more liberal than those Mexico enforces against illegal invaders of their country—are considered unjust.

On second thought, I don't really want to be "inclusive and welcoming" to many people—especially illegal aliens. So I will ignore the Unitarian advice and once more remove "queer" from my language.

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