An Arizona Reader Vacationing In Mexico Is Racially Profiled
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From: Joseph-Martin Sellers (e-mail him)

Re: Today's Letter: An Arizona Reader Calls Mexico The World's Most Hypocritical Country

I am an American who lives in Arizona writing this letter while on vacation in Mazatlan, Mexico.

I drove down here from Arizona last week for a two-week vacation. During my fifteen hour journey, the Mexican police stopped me five times or once every three hours.

Every time they pulled me over, they asked to see my passport, tourist visa, and car registration

When I asked them why, they told me: "We stopped you for having out-of-country plates.  We have a new policy of pulling over random vehicles with US plates in order to ensure that the individual has all the necessary papers to be in the country legally." 

Like letter writer Dale Ryan, I have just one word for Mexico and its opposition to Arizona's S.B.1070: Hypocrites!  I wonder how many times I'll get pulled over on my drive home!

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