A Michigan Reader Defines "Nonpartisan"
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07/13/10 - A Maryland Reader Says: "The Worse, The Better"

From: Ali Alexander (e-mail her)

Re: Today's Letter: A California Reader Says FactCheck.org Only Uses Liberal "Facts" In Arizona Law Coverage

Letter writer R.C. Stevens should note that "nonpartisan" does not mean "unbiased", although that's certainly the impression people who use the term want to give. 

For example, the Immigration Policy Center, the research arm of the American Immigration Council, formerly the American Immigration Law Foundation, holds itself out as nonpartisan, that is, not affiliated with a particular political party,

But do we really believe that the research arm of a group of corporate and immigration lawyers is unbiased?  Note also the use of generic names, such as the American Immigration Council, to obscure the biases of the organization. 

When groups such as the IPC or AIC send out press releases, they count on their deceptive names and nonpartisan labels to add credibility to their reports and slanted studies.

Alexander is a student.

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