An Arizona Reader (Of Cuban Extraction) Scorns Ethnocentrism
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12/25/07 - A California Reader Has A Question For Joe Guzzardi

From:  Malena Mueller (e-mail her)

Last Friday, I received a call from a person wanting to do a survey on "Hispanic" issues. 

As an American first and foremost, I despise the ethnocentric mentality that continues to divide us into racial clusters (and consequently into an "us vs. them" mindset), but I thought the survey might be a good opportunity to voice my views.

I was told the phone call would last about 6 minutes so I agreed to participate; much to my surprise, we were done in about 20 seconds.

The first question was "Do you identify yourself as Hispanic or Latino?

My answer was, "Well, I was born in South America..." 

The second question was "Does anyone else in your family identify himself or herself as Hispanic or Latino?"  My answer: "We identify ourselves as Americans.

He thanked me for my time and that was that.

Whoever conducted the survey does not care what Hispanics who identify themselves first as Americans have to say.  Ethnocentrism rules the day.

Mueller, who came to the U.S. in the mid-1970s, lives in the Tucson area where she is "raising two children to be Americans in an English-only household." Her previous letters about Florida Sen. Mel Martinez and rising Hispanic supremacy are here and here.

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