A California Reader Says "Plantation Owners" Will Not Cave In Easily On Cheap Labor
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12/26/07 - An Arizona Reader (Of Cuban Extraction) Scorns Ethnocentrism

From:  Gregory Coates (e-mail him)

Re: Peter Brimelow's Column: Why Business Will Change Sides—And Accept An Immigration Cut-Off 

Now that everyone has been alerted to the North American Union plan, attitudes on both sides have hardened.

The elites won't give up give up their desire for cheap labor or, more accurately stated, malleable labor. 

It is far easier to throw money at politicians than have to deal with labor unions and their demands for improved working conditions, etc. 

The new "plantation owners" will not give up their slaves any easier than the last ones. 

Life for them is mighty nice in their gated communities where they don't have to mix with what they've wrought. 

I've always enjoyed Brimelow's thoughtful articles. And while I hope that he is right, I doubt that he is.

Coates is a retired dock-worker and painting contractor who writes that he has been "plagued by illegal immigrant labor all his working career."

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