An Arizona Reader Notes That Hugh Hewitt Lives In Newport Beach, CA, Where Hispanics Tend To Be Maids And Gardeners—No Threat To A Talk-Show Host’s Job
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Re: James Fulford’s blog item: Hugh Hewitt And The GOP Establishment On Immigration

From Cynthia Curran [Email her]

Immigrant enthusiast talk show host Hugh Hewitt lives in Newport Beach, CA, demographically 87.3 % white, 7.2 % Hispanic .

Hewitt is basically ignorant of how badly illegal immigrant Hispanics do compared to whites in his area.

Santa Ana has about 77 percent of the kids on reduced and free lunch programs while Newport Beach, which gets some illegal immigrant kids from nearby Costa Mesa has one high school where about 24 percent get free lunch. It also has wealthy white kids, i.e at another high school across town, only 3 percent get free lunch.

Hewitt sees these people as maids or gardeners in Newport Beach, so I’m not surprised that he is unaware of a big growth in Hispanics and Asians both legally or illegally in his county.

See a previous letter from Cynthia Curran.

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