A Reader Objects To Michael Moritz` Plan To Displace American STEM Graduates
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From: An Anonymous Reader [Email him]

Someone named Michael Moritz has a blog post on LinkedIn.com titled Immigration Reform: Stop Ejecting the Brightest Minds From America. He writes

“It would be wonderful to provide foreign-born students with advanced degrees in STEM subjects from U.S. universities a clear path to permanent residency. It would be good to massively increase the percentage of green cards given to foreigners with advanced degrees and special skills. And it would also make a big difference if the per country caps on green cards were removed.”

Note that the author, no doubt a "San Francisco liberal", makes no mention of the great costs of all these "brilliant minds" coming to America: nearly 60% on welfare/EBT, hugely disproportionate levels of violent crime, the hospitalization costs of using the ER as their personal physician and the Maternity ward as a free birthing center.

And what about the possibility these wondrous college students committing espionage for their home countries?

See also Moritz’s previous entry on Obama’s Second Inauguration—note the ideological blinders of liberalism and cultural Marxism.

James Fulford writes: Michael Moritz [Email him] may be a liberal, but he’s also head of Sequoia Capital, which suggests that his motives for wanting all foreign students get green cards are more “Vulgar Marxist” than Cultural Marxist—i.e. he wants to get richer. I see his column was retweeted by Vinod Khosla, co-founder of Sun Microsystems [send him mail] who has gotten incredibly rich off of displacing American workers.

Obama, in his Second Inaugural, said that he wanted “bright young students and engineers [to be] enlisted in our workforce rather than expelled from our country.”

What I want to know is this—will Obama at least send back the ones who fail?

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