An Arizona Reader Says That Texas Is Not THAT Great; We Have An Answer
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Re: Jesse Mossman’s UN Vote Observers: Don’t Mess With Iowa Either!

From Cynthia Curran [Email her]

Texas is not so great. A lot of red states and purple states would tell the UN to go to hell.

Also, other Southern states would have ignored Bush or Obama on the death penalty. Texas has produced George W. Bush, and Rick Perry, and Dick Armey has lived there for years.

They’re all bad on immigration and usually follow the Republican Party line on things—more so than Arizona.

Lamar Smith is an exception. Texas is more conformist, compared to South Carolina on the immigrant issue.

James Fulford writes: While the great state of Texas is a great state, with great people (who will tell you that themselves) it’s never been a state with great politicians.

And we’re aware that Texan claims to greatness have tendency to annoy residents of other Southwestern states, starting with New Mexico.

However, we at are too busy fighting off the foreign invasion to want to encourage dissension between states. Can’t we all get along?

The reader does have a valid point about state laws, though. Arizona has become a national leader, and an Obama administration target, because of the model anti-illegal immigration laws it’s passed, and South Carolina has been doing the same thing.

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