An Arizona Reader Calls Drunken Driving By Mexicans "An Epidemic"
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From: Bill Martin (e-mail him)

Re: Juan Mann's Column: Deport Foreign Drunk Drivers

When I first read Mann's column and Brenda Walker's ongoing coverage of fatalities caused by Mexican drivers, I decided to check it out for myself.

Now whenever I see a report that someone was injured or killed by a drunk driver, I say to myself "I'll bet a Hispanic was involved."

The overwhelming percentage of the time, I'm correct. The carnage isn't limited to border states, either.

Recently, the Toledo Blade wrote about an innocent female pedestrian killed by a drunk driver named Alex Bermudez. He eventually pleaded guilty to aggravated vehicular homicide. [Driver Pleads Guilty To Killing Pedestrian, Toledo Blade, January 12, 2008]

Nowhere have I ever read that this predilection to drunk driving by Mexicans is an epidemic...but it is! 

And no one in authority, whether he is a judge, a mayor, a Congressman or a Senator, wants to acknowledge this obvious fact. 

Martin, a retired accountant, has recently moved from Illinois. His previous letter explaining how bad illegal immigration is in Illinois is here.

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