A Michigan Reader Says Ireland's Prime Minister Bertie Ahern Turned Her Away From St. Patrick's Day
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From: Mary (e-mail her)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: St. Patrick's Day—Mostly Forgotten In America

Even though I'm part Irish, I won't celebrate St. Patrick's day after I heard Ireland's Prime Minister Bertie Ahern's tasteless remarks last year about trading unskilled Irish workers for American tech workers.

My paternal grandparents emigrated from Ireland when it was a poor country. Now that it's the second wealthiest in Europe, Ireland should do something to train its citizens for meaningful employment instead of trying to dump them in the US or displacing them with unskilled immigrants from Africa or Eastern Europe.

As for St. Joseph's day, which Guzzardi also wrote about, in states with large Italian populations like New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, zeppoles are the pastry of choice with the cannoli coming in second

My late husband was Italian. I have fond memories of eating zeppoles with my family and friends during the days that lead up to Saint Joseph's feast.

Mary lives in Kalamazoo.

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