An Anti-Nativist "Native American" Demands’s “American Credentials"
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From: Keven Atoms (Email him)

Funny, isn't it, that same European countries who went out and colonized the world (France—Algeria, Lebanon, Syria, Tunisia, Senegal, Morocco, Ivory Coast; Netherlands—South Africa, Indonesia; England—Egypt, Bahrain, Somalia, Uganda, Pakistan, India; Germany—Rwanda, Namibia) are the same ones complaining the loudest about immigration. The irony is that it is their colonial subjects who are returning to Europe. The United States shares a similar short memory. 

The U.S. during its imperialist days took over a large portion of Mexico and all of Puerto Rico, Cuba and the Philippines. Yet racists complain of immigrants from these same countries coming here. Although we disguise our racist discourse as being against "illegal immigration", we all know what we are talking about.

We (white conservatives) have such short memories that we think we (white conservatives) have always been here in the U.S. and in Europe. We forget that we went all over the world stirring up other people, persecuting them for their cultural differences and now when they want to be like us, which means coming to our (?) country, our pure white (second or third generation) faces turn beet red, and we start foaming at the mouth. 

Why is it that the white Americans who bark the loudest for immigration reform are some of the newest members of America? I'll put my family tree against any one of yours any day. You are all newbies compared to me and my family.

While one or two of my racist ancestors were throwing moldy potatoes and pasta at yours who stepped off the boat, we had already been here for 200 years. My ancestors fought in the French and Indian War. You don't even know what that was or where it was fought.

My ancestors were at the Salem Witch trials, fought in the Revolutionary War and wrote charters for the first New England Colonies.

Oh and the other half of my family, well, they were here for 15,000 years.  Yep, that's right, they are Native American—the real Native American and not that stupid racist white person "Native American". Show me your credentials and I'll let you know if you and your ancestors have earned you the right to be an anti-immigrant racist.

If your "American" credentials are more authentic than mine, I'll offer my apology. If they are not, then you can shut the hell up and go back to whatever European country kicked your ancestors out on their asses. 

James Fulford writes: I think Keven Atoms is exaggerating his ancestral claims, and I don't believe he's likely to apologize. While we have immigrant writers like Peter Brimelow—doing a job Americans don't want to do—we also have all-American writers like Allan Wall, Ronald Kyser, and Nathaniel Parker, who can claim any number of Colonial ancestors who fought on the American side in the French and Indian Wars, or the  founding of the Republic Of Texas.

But the larger point is that we're on the American side now—while Keven and all his ancestors want to betray it, and leave it wide open to invasion.

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