A Reader Protests The Anti-White Narrative In Popular Culture
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Re: Paul Kersey's article  Captain America, Marvel Comics’ PC Makeover, And The Tuskegee Libel

From: Donald Miller [Email him]

Paul Kersey writes "But isn’t that all American history has been distilled down to, one long parade of 'white people bad, black people not'?"

Indeed that was imposed as the party line around 1973, and has succeeded in swamping social studies and history texts in middle schools, high schools, and colleges across the land.  The concept has now been labeled "the anti-white narrative" and we see it in slurs, stereotypes, hate caricatures, disrespect and supremacy claims by people of color, and an all-out effort to tribalize America so as to bring it into line with the anti-white narrative.

And it is the tribalization of America that has called us out of our ordinary and decent lives to advocate our liberty.

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