Izzy Lyman Protests: "There Ain't No Crummy Jobs"
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April 13, 2005

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From:  Izzy Lyman< [email protected] >

In his latest column (How Much Ruin In A Nation?), Mr. Sailer writes:

"A remarkable fraction of country lyrics are devoted to making guys with fairly crummy jobs, like truckdrivers"

Apply the air brakes right there. My husband, who happens to have a Ph.D. in transportation engineering and was formerly employed in academia, currently labors as a long-haul trucker.  He hopes to start his own trucking business and create jobs for Americans. Meantime, he enjoys driving around this great country of ours and having road adventures. He was recently delivering a load to Calexico, California and got to witness the Border Patrol in action.

The saying in the industry is "Without trucks, America stops." Truckers are the backbone of U.S. commerce and are, typically, stalwart opponents of illegal immigration. Regrettably the chattering classes rarely give them their due.

[Izzy Lyman [email her] publishes the blog The Homeschooling Revolution. She wrote Immigration in the Heartland: Home School on the Range for VDARE.COM]

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