An Anonymous Reader Suggests That The Poor Really Are The Victims—But You're Still Paying Their Rent
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Re: James Fulford’s blog post "Blaming The Victim"—But Who IS The Victim Of Welfare?

An Anonymous White Woman [Email her]

 I think Mr. Fulford misses some subtleties about welfare and "victims". Yes, the taxpayers have to subsidize it. However, the whole point of welfare—and the welfare state—is ultimately to bribe people to not riot. People quite far to the left of the Bell Curve are perfectly capable of supporting themselves in the absence of major obstacles. If your citizens cannot do so, there is something structurally wrong. As annoying as taxes for welfare are, the taxpayer is not the primary victim here.

Yes, African Americans have burned through an enormous amount of political, personal and moral goodwill over the last few decades. Yes, they're managed to antagonize pretty much every other section of American society. Yes, they have a lower average IQ and a seemingly higher average proclivity towards bad decisions. However, they're still American citizens and they didn't ask to come to America.

 Getting angry about how much tax money they take up is only productive if you're going to ask hard questions about structural problems and take action. (Action like, to take a random example, not importing seemingly pliant labor in to compete with them. Isn't that how America got into this mess to begin with?)

James Fulford: I agree with most of the lady’s points, and we have made many similar points on (Starting with America's Assisted Suicide, National Review, November 25, 1996, and a five-part series by Steve Sailer in the year 2000.) However, my own point stands—poor blacks may be the victims of poverty, but the productive classes are the victims of the Welfare State.

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