An Anonymous Connecticut Reader Recalls American Police Running Away From Mexican Rioters
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Re: Allan Wall’s Ramifications Of The San Ysidro Border Attack

An Anonymous Connecticut Reader [Email him]

I just read Mr. Wall's note on the San Ysidro Border Attack and it brought to mind a video I saw a few years back on TRU-TV which was formerly known as COURT-TV. They have a videos series called: MOST SHOCKING, and the video I refer to is from California and is at a farm of some sort.

The illegal Mexican pickers were rioting and chasing the owner with the intent, by all appearances, of intending him great bodily harm, so law enforcement officers from three different agencies arrive on scene and are pelted with rocks, vegetables, wooden boxes, and kicked and so forth.

Do you want to know what the cops did, male and female both?

They ran away, that's right, they leapt in their vehicles and ran away. No charges were filed.

Now that video has to be about 10 years old, THAT is the FUTURE of the USA, make no doubt about it.

Those white police officers, County, city, and another agency, could not handle the Mexicans. That, for me, was a signpost, on the road to the End of America, as the architects of the 1965 Immigration law intended.

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