Ramifications Of The San Ysidro Border Attack
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Brenda Walker has reported on the border attack perpetrated on November 24th, near the San Ysidro port of entry. More than 100 hostile aliens attacked the border patrol with water bottles and rocks (which can be deadly, by the way). See her blog entry here:Illegals Rush Border, Pelt Agents with Rocks.

I have several questions about this:

1. Why isn't this incident receiving more publicity?

2. What if the agents' “intermediate use-of-force devices” hadn't worked and they'd had to resort to deadly force?

3. What if it had been American citizens attacking a local American police force? Would they have been so reluctant to use deadly force? Just asking.

4. What if even bigger groups of aliens attack border patrol officers in more isolated areas? After all, this incident began with an attack on one BP agent, who was soon joined by comrades.

5. Where are the GOP congressmen and senators? Why aren't they speaking out on this?

In this incident, Border Patrol officers were able to protect themselves without harming any of their attackers. And yet they're still being criticized for using excessive force

According to a Spanish-language source, on San Diego Red (red is Spanish for network),

"The U.S. Border Patrol of San Diego has responded to accusations of Mexican citizens for the use of violence."La Patrulla Fronteriza de Estados Unidos en San Diego ha respondido a las acusaciones de ciudadanos mexicanos por uso de violencia.

So, some "Mexican citizens" are criticizing the Border Patrol for protecting themselves. Incredible, but not surprising. You have to understand that in Mexico, anything the U.S. does to control its border and protect the men controlling the border is wrong. Mexico is not our partner in controlling the border and we shouldn't count on Mexican officials to help us. It's up to our officials.

When I served in the Texas Army National Guard in a Texas border town, a number of my fellow Guardsmen were in the Border Patrol and Customs. I remember one of them talking about how, even then, the illegal aliens on the California border were more aggressive than those on the Texas border. Interesting.

According to an article on U-T San Diego

“While attacks on Border Patrol agents are not uncommon, the agents showed great restraint when faced with the dangers of this unusually large group, and fortunately no one was serious injured,” said Paul Beeson, San Diego sector chief for the Border Patrol... This type of rush on the border has not been seen since the late 1980s and early ’90s, when groups of border-crossers would run into the U.S. while agents tried to apprehend as many as possible. The practice mostly disappeared after Operation Gatekeeper began in 1994 and brought with it tall fences, walls and more agents.

Of course, for open border boosters, the attack is yet more proof that amnesty is needed:

Immigrant-rights groups in San Diego said they didn’t know beforehand about the plan to rush the border, and they worry that desperation is driving homeless deportees to make a bold bid to rejoin their families in the U.S...Immigrant-rights advocates said they doubt the mass rush was organized.Christian Ramirez, human rights director for the Southern Border Communities Coalition, said he does not believe the move could have been a strategic protest. He views it as an act of desperation on the part of deportees who have been pushed to live around the river in makeshift camps or those who are set up in other migrant camps in the city.These are deportees who face the most challenging situations, he and other immigrant advocates said. Many do not speak Spanish, have no roots in Mexico, have criminal records or tattoos and cannot find jobs or get registered in Mexico. Most are homeless and live in makeshift camps that have sprouted up in and around the river.

The U.S.-Mexican border is a humanitarian disaster area.

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