The Glaivester Has Some Suggestions For Fighting Amnesty On Twitter
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Re: Donald A. Colllins’s article Democrat Warns: Amnesty/ Immigration Surge Reprieve Temporary—Patriots Urgently Need To Offer New Ideas

From: The Glaivester  [Twitter]

I list a way to use Twitter to fight amnesty on my blog: Using Twitter to Fight Amnesty  [December 0, 2013.]

Short version: Get a list of links to anti-amnesty arguments for as many situations as possible, and use them to respond to pro-amnesty claims.  This can be done on Twitter, or on blog/article comments.

Example: When someone argues for passing the DREAM Act, point out that it takes college education and financial aid from US citizens, and link this post:

When someone else responds to a Tweet promoting "immigration reform" by talking about how it lowers wages, back them up with a link to one of the articles I link to on this post: Some Articles to Link When Arguing About Illegal Immigration and Wages.

There are articles that would appeal to conservatives and ones that would appeal to liberals.

If someone posts a comment-accepting article that talks about how the vast majority of American support amnesty according to a new poll, I have a bunch of links you can use to explain how these polls are manipulated or to polls that contradict the conventional wisdom: Articles on Immigration Polling  October 30, 2013.

Make a comment summarizing one of the articles and then include a link. You can use my lists, or you can make your own.

The Glaivester [] has been blogging hard since 2004. That is all.

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