An "Americans First Democrat" Says GOP Congressmen WON'T Save Their Jobs By Denying Votes To Amnestied Illegals
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Re: James Fulford’s blog item Exclusive: Text Of RNC Resolution On “National Immigration Policy Reform” (Amnesty With No New Democrat Voters)

From: Americans First Democrat [Email him]

This Republican strategy of allowing legalization of illegals but opposing citizenship (i.e. the right to vote) misses a key point. These immigrants, while not voting, are still driving down the wages of and displacing people that can vote.

The real demographic death spiral facing Republicans is economic. Romney's 47%ers. This number has grown from approximately 30% prior to the immigration surge. Most aspects of "immigration reform" currently being discussed, if implemented, will only accelerate this.

But honestly, for a long time now, Republicans have been contributing to this demographic death spiral. And not just with immigration but other wage-depressing policies as well.

I don't expect them to discontinue their politically suicidal agenda. But I hope I'm wrong and they realize they're nearing the end of an unsustainable path.

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