An American Defense Worker Warns That Elites Will Try To Defame Murrieta Activists The Way They Did Earlier Anti-"Busing" Groups
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Re: Brenda Walker's article Murrieta, CA Right To Fight–Obama Regime Plans European-Style Asylum Camps Throughout The US

From: An American Defense Worker [Email him]

The successful turning back of a busload of illegal immigrants in Murrieta, California is an event to be applauded, however there is still a major chance for patriots to bungle this issue.

The MSM has already started to spin this story as "hate" on the part of the protestors and they are portraying the immigrants sympathetically. For example, last night they had a young mother who appeared harmless make some statements about her uncertain future. Notice that the immigrants making statements aren't tattooed MS-13 Gang Members.

The political elites have easily defeated patriotic white resistance to "busing" before. See what they did in Boston in the 1970s. Patriotic reformers can still lose this one too. In fact, the political elites are likely moving to out-maneuver the Murrieta Protestors as we speak. One thing is that immigration activists who are small in number and paid by corporate foundations seeking pauper labor are being treated on equal footing as the larger number of citizen protestors who have an actual stake in their community.

It is important to know that every statement from every politician of both parties about the border crisis is likely a half truth. They may resist amnesty but as far as I can tell, the actual government policy in regards to the illegals is to issue court summons for deportation and release them to the community. This means that the illegals aren't being deported right away, as one would logically assume and they can be at-large for a very long time. Additionally, why is it that the DHS can bus immigrants from Texas to California, but cannot transport them from Texas back to their native land?

While this unforeseen patriotic uprising appears to be victory, there remains much organizing and fighting left to do.

No matter—stand and fight.

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