A Houston Reader Wonders When ICE Is Going To Enforce The Law At UCLA
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Re: Federale’s blog post How The Media Lies On Behalf Of Illegal Aliens


From: George Weinbaum [e-mail him]


How many illegal aliens get "in-state" tuition rates at, say, UCLA and Berkeley?  How many employees of the UCLA and Berkeley registrar's offices know about this?  Why doesn't ICE raid these offices?  I'll bet ICE could find 5,000 illegal aliens at each of these schools.


If ICE began a series of such raids, I suspect tens of thousands of "would be DREAMERS" would self deport.


James Fulford writes: It's a beautiful DREAM—a government that enforces the law. America used to have governments like that, but it's unlikely that ICE will be showing up at UCLA  to deport the illegals who attend there, when it can't even deport the thousands of teenagers who show up at the Southern Border and say "Soy illegal inmigrante."



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