An American Defense Worker Says Immigration Patriots Need Their Own March Through The Institutions
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Re: Federale's blog post All Illegals Amnestied! ICE Sources On Say Detention Centers Being Emptied, And Illegals Given WORK PERMITS.

From: An American Defense Worker [Email him]

The Executive Amnesty is partially a failure of Immigration Patriots to manage victory. (See my letter on June 16, 2014 after Eric Cantor's defeate. ) Recently, the Gang of 8 Amnesty officially died and so immigration Patriots have won a great conventional victory, but we have been unable to see this victory through and manage the insurgency of the political elite class. It's a bit like the Iraq War, where the Americans win a conventional war in a fortnight and then spend a decade dealing with IEDs and Jihadists.

This situation, whereby the political elite works to keep their comfortable digs by playing their final cards, has happened before. King Charles I used his royal prerogative to support Catholic noblemen against Protestant Gentry and Yeomen. There was also, in Colonial America, the Royal Proclamation of 1763 to keep down Indian Trouble by harming whites.

Later in the US, we had the Dred Scott Case, the Kansas-Nebraska Act, and the Fugitive Slave Act in clear defiance of the Abolitionists and Free-Soil Western Pioneers. None of those things worked in the long run because the things they represented, such as today's immigration reform movement are a representation of social forces which are very powerful. Those social forces, once unleashed, cannot be controlled. This executive amnesty is therefore an illegitimate expression of an immoral status quo and will be unable to control the social forces which it is aiming at.

Recently, there has been some criticism that the immigration reform movement has no soul, I disagree for the reasons above, but there are real practical things we need to do to win. For too long, we have focused on just the legislature, and not the courts, executives, and bureaucracy.

The politically elite class is able to keep immigration going though its control of those institutions. We need our own executives, judges, and clerks.

Ultimately, the political elite and the immigrants themselves don't fear us. A Mexican illegal will bring his entire family to lock-up at a Federal Detention center rather than stay in the freedom of the Yucatan jungle.

A politician will scrape and bow to a West Indian lobbyist rather than tremble before an outraged American Labor movement. By their actions we know that none of our enemies are in real fear. In all important struggles it comes down to a choice, we can be loved or feared. If we can't be loved we must be feared.

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