An Illinois Reader Reminds Us That The Border Surge "Kids" Are Mostly Old Enough To Start Having Anchor Babies Soon
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Re: Brenda Walker’s blog post Senator Tom Coburn’s Parting Message: DHS Is Dysfunctional

From: An Illinois Paleoconservative [Email him]

Senator Tom Coburn's latest findings on DHS are more horrible than he has made out. His last findings and statistics were 700 miles of unguarded border and that 3 in 100 illegals will never face any type of removal. Also, 90 percent or better of the 2014 border surge illegals never show up to court. Yet Coburn is optimistic?

He also says he has faith in Jeh Johnson, Obama's black head of DHS. Is he as good as Obama's black head of the Justice Department, Eric Holder?

Now, why is Coburn optimistic? A lot if these kids that came in 2014, that the government called children  are actually teens, or will be soon, and with 3 in 100 facing deportation they are going to be having more kids as fast as possible.

All of these illegal anchor babies will then be citizens with their teenage parents either just not being deported as usual or awaiting the next Amnesty.

I personally see no optimism. My children's future as white Americans is bleak. The only option is an immigration moratorium, mass deportations, and closing the “anchor baby” loophole now.

But who will take such a step?

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