A Reader Crunches Numbers On The $PLC And Asks "Where Does The Money Go?"
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From: Richard Keefe [Email him]

I have recently crunched the SPLC's financial numbers for the past 8 years to ascertain how they cook their books to make it look like they spend far less on fundraising and more on "services" than they actually do.

VDARE.com has reprinted my findings in the past. Please review the numbers and decide for yourself. Excerpt:

Business must be booming at the SPLC, which has nearly doubled in size since 2006, from 139 employees to 271 on the payroll in 2013, according to the IRS Form 990s.

If salaries are any indication of where the job growth occurred, it would have to be in the Legal Services sector, whose payroll jumped by a whopping 123% since 2006, compared to a rather anemic 39% for Fundraising.

Such an unprecedented bolstering of the legal team can only mean that the dedicated lawyers of the Southern Poverty Law Center are slogging it out in the courts more than ever, right?

SPLC — Where the Money Goes, Part 2, January 5, 2015

Richard Keefe blogs at Watching The Watchdogs. See previous letters from Richard Keefe.
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