A Reader Suspects Salvadoran "Youths" Aren't FLEEING Gangs, They're Travelling To America To Join Them
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Re: James Kirkpatrick's blog item “Child ” Refugees Are Actually 90 Percent Teenagers

From: Boethius [Email him]

The “Little R” gang is a Montgomery County Salvadoran street gang.  The "Little R" stands for "La Raza" (seriously—look it up). [Andres Cortez, Little R gang leader, sentenced in Olney gang rape, By Brad Bell, WJLA.com, November 20, 2013 ] More than 20 of their members have been imprisoned for rape or robbery, but not to worry, their numbers will soon be replenished from among the tens of thousands of 13-18 year olds who account for 90% of the border-surgers!

“Boethius” has written two articles for VDARE.com.

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