An American Defense Worker Asks: If Affirmative Action Black Cops Were Meant To Prevent Riots...
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Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson  “leading protesters on a march through Ferguson”. The protesters are masked, and wear the colors of the Bloods.[August 15, 2014]

Re: A Law Enforcement Veteran On The Latest Ferguson Rioting

From: An American Defense Worker [Email Him] There is something important to mention about the Ferguson riots and their relationship to affirmative action appointments such as Eric Holder and Missouri Highway Patrol Captain Ronald Johnson.

Both men are black and it isn't much of a stretch to say that their appointments to government posts, and the appointments of others like them were the result of Affirmative Action put in place partially to appease blacks after the Long Hot Summer Riots of 1967.

In other words, black law enforcement officers exist to keep down rioting.

Now, in Ferguson black law enforcement is unable to quell the disorder.  With that in mind, why bother with the black law enforcement people at all?

Both Holder and Johnson, at every stage of their career displaced a more qualified white.  If there are riots that look to last until the snow flies and the affirmative action blacks can't stop them, then let's just chuck the black affirmative action.

For there will be riots anyway.  We can at least stop white displacement.

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