An Alaskan Reader Writes Us On The ECONOMIST And The Oldest Profession
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Re: John Derbyshire: ECONOMIST Watch—What The Globalist Right Is Thinking

From: Ryan Kennedy  [Email him]

John Derbyshire's latest  column mentioning the recent  Economist sex trade  sexonomics feature and its immigration implications reminds me of a letter I wrote 10 years ago, in which I mentioned that Economist citations on the problems caused by mass immigration included Economist's very latest at that time: some female immigrants to the U.K. doing "work that native working girls won't do."

As the editors put it,” Immigration seems to be having a predictable effect on commercial sex: real prices are falling, consumption rising and indigenous workers struggling." [It's a foreigner's game September 2nd 2004 ]

Or as I called it, "In-and-out-sourcing."

James Fulford writes: In 2001, Joe Guzzardi wrote View From Lodi, CA: Rolling Stone vs. American Workers, in which he mentioned a Rolling Stone article by Dan Baum which described illegals as, in Guzzardi's words, "a happy-go-lucky bunch that work hard by day then drink beer and go to the cathouse at night is irresponsible.". If you read the article he was quoting, "Hanging Sheetrock In The Promised Land" [PDF] the men were going to "las de treinta"—a thirty dollar whorehouse in Greenville, SC. You don't get much for thirty dollars in a place like that, but an American prostitute wouldn't shake hands with you for that kind of money.

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