A Reader Wonders If Steroids As Well As Stereotyping Explain Ray Rice's Behavior
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Re: Eugene Gant's article“Too Many Jigs In The End Zone”? A Baltimore Refugee Reflects On The Ray Rice Revolution

From: An Anonymous Observant Reader [Email him]

Good article on the Ray Rice incident.  I'd just like to make one point. Ray Rice is clearly on steroids and/or  human growth hormone. That's not an excuse for his behavior, but part of an explanation. The NFL and NBA have gotten passes from the media on the steroid/HGH issue likely because of race, but almost all—if not all—the players are juiced.

James Fulford writes: In spite of what looks many fairly obvious cases of steroid use, something Steve Sailer has written about at length, there is still very little testing of NFL players, because of the players' union: NFL steps back, says no agreement on new drug policy, HGH testing yet, By Sam Farmer, LAT, September 12, 2014.

Pictured below, Ray Rice displays his musculature, which may have been achieved purely by hard work and clean living, rather than the use of drugs known to cause sudden attacks of inappropriate rage.


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