An Alaskan Reader Reports The Latest SJW-Inspired Social Media Corporate Grovel
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From:  Ryan Kennedy [email him ]

Here's another example of the growing efforts of Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) to silence all opposition.

A recent story about some British world adventure traveler had to cut his trip short here in Alaska and then couldn't get his U.S. tourist visa renewed.  Thus, kind of ruining a good bit of his adventure.[After 4 years, 50,000 miles, traveler denied US visa to finish Alaska adventure By Daniella Rivera, KTVA, February 12, 2016]kl-favs-64 readers are all to familiar with the phenomenon: Anarcho-Tyranny.  He was aware his tourist visa was going to expire and dutifully obeyed US law and returned home to the UK. He then filed for an extension on his visa so he could resume his madcap adventurers.  Nothing doing.

The State Department denied his visa and now his VW bus (above) is stuck in Alaska and he can't resume his journey. Here's where the SJW enforcers come in.  In the comments section of the story a person commented sarcastically (and humorously) that the adventurer from Albion should not have bothered obeying US law and simply entered illegally and then had his trip paid for by the US government.  Of course we are all aware of what he was alluding to.  And so did SJW-types reading the comments thread.

The thread post users are linked to Facebook so you can see who's making the comments.  The author of the sarcastic comment happened to be a VP for Alaska’s largest telecom company, GCI.  Mind you, he made no mention of that in his post.  It simply was on his Facebook profile which anyone can look up.  SJWs swung into action and denounced him on social media as a bigot and all their usual epithets.  GCI went into full grovel mode and issued apologies and ominously alluded to steps being taken to deal with their sharp-tongued VP. .[ GCI apologizes after exec posts ‘insensitive’ comment on KTVA story, by Annie Zak,, February 13, 2016]







It's all rather scary.  Think about it, all he was doing he was making fun of government policy on his own time in a silly little comments thread which few people read and his company comes down on him like a ton of bricks.  Of course the correct thing for GCI to have done was nothing whatsoever unless asked by the media, and then in that case, reply, "We don't monitor our employees' First Amendment protected activities."

That's the way to do it.

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