A Florida Reader Reports That The Pope Is Suggesting We “Talk To Our Neighbors”—Who Don’t Speak English Anymore
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From: Delmar Jackson [Email him]

I woke up this morning to the radio announcing the Pope was in Mexico and was encouraging all of us to talk to our neighbors.

As a person who has seen his family in Miami pushed out of their nearly all white neighborhood by the importation of  hundreds of thousands of non English speaking Cubans and then a similar wave of Haitians that the church feverishly supported, along with homicidal tendencies of newly arriving black neighbors such as the murderous anti-white Yahweh ben Yahweh black supremacy cult of the 1980s, I feel a bit ticked off at our dear Pontiff. I would have loved to have lived in a neighborhood where I could talk to my neighbors.

He took it from me.

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