An Alaskan Reader Reports NPR Has Noticed Link Between Eric Cantor's Defeat And Trump's Victory
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Re: James Fulford's columns Happy New Year–2014 Was The Year Of Dave Brat and New Year’s 2015: Last Year Was The Year Of Dave Brat, This Has Been The Year Of Trump (But GOP Is Still Not Getting It)

From: Ryan Kennedy [Email him]

This is a really interesting podcast episode: The Beginning Of Now, This American Life, with Ira Glass, April 28, 2017.

The podcast is made by liberals (Ira Glass and two younger interviewers) but isn't explicitly liberal in its mission.  Its primary mission is to entertain.

The podcast episode details Bannon, Breitbart and the campaign against immigration enthusiast and former GOP minority leader Eric Cantor and how it was used as a model for the Trump campaign.

In spite of being liberal, the reporters seem fair to me.  They even interview Pat Buchanan! You can listen to individual segments here, or download the whole thing here.

Apr 28, 2017

Before Donald Trump started his presidential campaign in 2015, there was a congressional race that redefined what was possible in American politics. Steve Bannon and Breitbart News got involved in that race early, just like they later got deeply involved in Donald Trump's race. On this week’s show: What happened in that campaign, what it made it work, and how we got to now....

In 2014, in the wake of losing the previous presidential election, the Republican Party had committed itself to immigration reform as its only path to winning elections in the future. Within two years, Donald Trump would be elected on the exact opposite platform, railing against immigration. Producer Zoe Chace tells the story of the Congressional race that inspired that dramatic 180.

For years Pat Buchanan ran on many of the same ideas that Donald Trump would later run on. Buchanan lost — three times. Trump won. Why? Is Buchanan jealous? And does he think Trump’s election is the beginning of a new normal, or a small blip in the course of history? Ira and Zoe visit his home to ask him.

Ryan Kennedy has been writing us letters from Alaska for at least ten years


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