An Alaska Native Corrects A Reader, Says: "Sorry, Immigration Is Here, Too"
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08/21/06 - An Indiana Reader Tells An Indianapolis Star Reporter She Manipulates Data To Hide Illegal Immigration Facts

From:  Ryan Kennedy: [email him ]

Re: Today's Letter:  An Indiana Reader Calls VDARE.COM "Populist" and "Speculative"

VDARE.COM reader Nodra I wrote:

"At least the immigrants are not forcing you out to the 'unimmigrated' areas— Alaska for instance"

Sorry, Nodra I, we're being overtaken too.

It seems you can run, but you can't hide from immigration - not even in Alaska. 

As Peter Brimelow paraphrases Trotsky,

"You may not be interested in immigration, but immigration is interested in you." 

We in Alaska have the same chirpy reporting that accompanies the demographic displacement of US citizens. Read this silly July 30 Anchorage Daily News story by clueless reporter Julia O'Malley [email]: "Sweeping Shift."

And we even have the same pandering Republican operatives who applaud immigration.

Randy Ruedrich, chairman of the Alaska Republican Party, thinks immigrants will become "more important" as GOP voters and he hopes that they will soon run for office on the Republican ticket.

No comment from Ruedrich, however, about how Alaska's newfound "cultural intermingling" (to use O'Malley's phrase) is destroying our own traditions.

Kennedy is an Anchorage native.

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