An Alaska Reader Notes NPR Reports On "Barely Rising Wages" In America With No Reference To Immigration
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NPR just ran a story detailing the anemic wage growth in the US economy despite relatively low unemployment. [Why America's Wages Are Barely Rising, August 3, 2017] It offers up some rather complicated theories about why this is so such as older workers retiring and bequeathing their jobs to younger but less productive and therefore lower paid employees. One potential explanation isn't even mentioned: immigration. The US takes in over a million immigrants each year and the majority of them are unskilled and speak poor english. Wouldn't you think this would have an impact on the labor market? NPR doesn't think so.

It didn't mention immigration, not even to dismiss the concern out of hand. Amazing, NPR hears no evil, sees no evil, and definitely definitely speaks no evil when it comes to their sacred cow of  immigration.

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