An African American Reader Applauds VDARE.COM's Attack On Greece NY Police
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From: F. R. G. (e-mail him)

Re: Patrick Cleburne's Blog: Greece, New York: Police Allow Blacks' Wrecking Of Festival

As a former resident of Greece, New York I was surprised to see a mention of it on VDARE.COM, because along with most of the Rochester metropolitan area, it has been relatively unaffected by the post-1965 mass immigration invasion. When I lived there, I was one of the town's 3 percent African Americans.

Cleburne's blog, along with its excerpts from A Race Against Time is entirely appropriate, as it has implications that affect policing strategy far beyond Monroe County, New York—including enforcement of immigration laws.

I am referring specifically to the boneheaded and illogical aversion among law enforcement agencies to racial profiling.

Having personally patronized the Mall at Greece Ridge for years, I can confirm that I am not the only one who noticed an uptick in the mid/late 2000s of anti-social behavior among black youths from Rochester.

So, while I was disappointed that the Youth Festival (which I attended with my wife and children until two years ago when I moved to the Midwest) was canceled this year, it did not come as a total surprise. 

And I can also confirm the complicity of the Greece Police Department (contact information here) which as Cleburne succinctly stated, was derelict in its duty to "protect their citizens from cross-border depredations" by their failure to make arrests in the case.

The incident at the Festival for Youth is the most notable among many others in suburban Monroe County where police authorities evinced nonchalance to this sort of thuggery, committed mostly by young black Rochester men.

Indeed, based on past experience, I surmise that the miscreants correctly anticipated that they could expect a lax response from law enforcement and hence chose Greece for their mayhem.

I am cautiously optimistic that Greece's town officials will renew their commitment to law enforcement and will refuse to kowtow to the politically correct. That will require them to aggressively prosecute nonresident black criminals who invade Greece.

The insightful writings by Cleburne and his fellow VDARE.COM contributors debunk the notion that Politically Correct thought is compatible with traditional American values.

Your site is required reading for patriots of all stripes.

F. R. G. moved to Greece from Cleveland in 1991 based on its consistently high community standards rating in Morgan Quinto's safest cities list.

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