A Young Illinois Reader: The Headline "California Eases Tone as Latinos Make Gains" Should Read “Pete Wilson Proved Right As Latinos Take Over”
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Re: Steve Sailer’s blog post NYT: "California Eases Tone as Latinos Make Gains"

From: A Young Illinois Reader [Email him]

Steve Sailer is right to flag the incandescent ridiculousness of this kind of coverage (by Jennifer Medina, February 16, 2013)

Let's work through the logic here:

(1) The Pete Wilson era-California GOP feared the transformation of their state.

(2) They passed a law that didn't work because the feds overturned it and failed to exercise their responsibilities.

(3) The feared transformation ("the political and social reality has changed drastically across the state") has duly occurred, validating the fears of the 1990s and abolishing the California that once elected Nixon and Reagan.

(4) The same phenomenon is now developing across the entire country.

Therefore, it somehow follows that:

(5) Republicans at the federal level must deny to themselves the sovereignty-upholding measures that the courts denied to the states, in order be on the winning side of their own destruction.

And how about this:

Now, more California residents than ever before say that immigrants are a benefit to the state, according to public opinion polls from the Public Policy Institute of California.

Which California residents would these be? The descendents of Okies or 49ers? Or perhaps the immigrants themselves and those tribally allied to them?

This is a bit like saying, "Majority of those present at flash mob incident agrees that victim had it coming." Thanks, NYT!

Speaking as someone briefly involved in California GOP politics when I lived there several years ago, I think California is a shining example of why the GOP must stand and fight on the National Question.

This is a hill worth dying on, because the GOP will die on it anyway if it doesn't fight.

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