A Florida Reader Points Out That The USDA's Pilgrim-Hating Diversity Trainer Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg
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Re: Patrick Cleburne's blog item Pilgrim-Slurring Treason Lobby Indoctrination Compulsory At USDA
From: Delmar Jackson (e-mail him)

Why all the uproar over the USDA diversity trainer getting $200,000 to make employees humiliate themselves? The USDA has paid out over a billion dollars in claims to nonexistent black farmers due to a class action lawsuit that was jiggered up by Obama when he was a legislator.

Look up Pigford fraud in Google to find more and then ask why no one is reporting this.

See previous letters from Delmar Jackson.

James Fulford writes: Actually, I'm happy to say that you're better off searching VDARE.com than just plain Googling—we've done a bunch of articles on it starting with The Rest Of The Story: Fraud and Murder Follows "Black Farmer" Consent Decree By Dennis Tuttle on November 6, 2006. That's long before most people heard  of it.

As for the idea, promoted by immigration enthusiasts, that the Pilgrim Fathers were illegal immigrants, in a post on the question, Eugene Volokh, an immigrant himself, reminded his readers that in a democracy, "Letting in immigrants means letting in your future rulers". The Indians would agree.

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