A Reader Writes On The 48 Years Since Moynihan Report—The "Case For National Action" That Failed
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Re: LIFE Magazine, November 3, 1967"as the Negro revolution mounts...a troubled nation turns to Moynihan"

From: An Anonymous Female Reader [Email her]

I was idly flipping through an issue of LIFE from the mid-sixties (cover story: 'Runaway Kids: A World of Panhandling and Crash Pads'— having been born 1987, I can't relate, thankfully).

I came unexpectedly on  a feature-length paean to the late Sen. Pat Moynihan and his “sympathetic” “intellectual pragmatism”, etc, etc, etc.

It just strikes me, utterly horrific as ever, that the Moynihan Report [The Negro Family: The Case For National Action, Department of Labor, March 1965] was published forty-eight years ago and things have only deteriorated in America since.

I've attached the article in its entirety for your perusal. [Read it at Google Books]. Note that the second to last page is titled "Welfare—corrupt and morally bankrupt".

Those involved in what you so accurately call Conservatism Inc. would much rather create their own blacklist (i.e., Derb) than face their own dishonesty and moral turpitude.

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