A WV Reader Challenges Guzzardi's Critic To Disprove His Facts
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02/24/09 - An East Coast Reader Warns Of Destructive Parallels Between Globalization And Indians

From: James Midkiff (e-mail him)

Re: "An Italian American Reader Says Joe Guzzardi Should Be "Ashamed"; Joe Replies"

I challenge you to disprove any of Joe Guzzardi's facts or statements.

It is people like you that are driving this nation towards "national suicide" and "third world status", by ignoring and pandering to illegal aliens.

Regarding this matter, I could throw a lot of the government's own findings and statistics at you, but it seems clear you have your head where the sun doesn't shine and are not interested in facts.

Midkiff is a Marine Corps veteran and former law enforcement officer.

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