An East Coast Reader Warns Of Destructive Parallels Between Globalization And Indians
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Those who think outsourcing manufacturing jobs and insourcing high-end jobs with H1-B visas is good for the economy should study what happened to the eastern Indian tribes when they began trading with the English colonists.

Within a few generations, their entire way of life was altered beyond recognition. Things the Indians had once made for themselves they had to obtain from colonists.

Historian James Merrell, in his article "The Customes of Our Countrey: Indians and Colonists in Early America" quotes a Cherokee as having remarked,

"The cloaths [sic] we wear, we cannot make ourselves, they are made to us.... We cannot make our Guns, they are made to us. Every necessary thing in life we must have from the white people."

Now change "Cherokee" to "American" and "white People" to "Chinese". Just like the Indians, there is nowhere to run.

We see how it turned out for them. Why should we think things will be any different for us? Maybe we can have a reservation or two when the rest of the world carves us up.

Thanks again for the great work you do!

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