A MA Reader Finds Environmental Determinism Fuels State Control
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From: Allan Lotreck (email him)

There has been much talk in the media (MSM) concerning the United States and its relationship to socialism, particularly the recent concerns about nationalizing the banking industry.

Socialism does not ban prayer in football huddles and destroy long-standing monuments because the First Amendment says "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion …"

When groups are exposed to different environments for tens of thousands of years, survivors adapt and retain their genetic adaptations, but in recent times this philosophy has become unconstitutional when applied to homo sapiens because it preempts state control. This too is not socialism.

When both religion and science are banned, not much remains except the state, which becomes paramount. Communism is not about money, it is about environmental determinism, and that is achieved by suppressing the alternatives, religion and science. That is already a done deal, with Americans in general happy to believe they have complete control over people's potential.

The MSM say socialism, but I say that's a Red herring and Communism, pure and simple, and without a whisper or hope of a whisper to dispute the validity of environmental determinism, it is bound to get a lot worse.

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