An Italian American Reader Says Joe Guzzardi Should Be "Ashamed"; Joe Replies
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From: Gen DiNapoli (email her)

Re: "Pink Slips For Teachers While Education For Illegal Aliens Continues" by Joe Guzzardi

Wow.  I can't be bothered to read all of your hate-mongering propaganda, but I am ashamed to see such a load of baloney (or is that bologna?) coming from someone with an Italian surname. Were our great-grandparents not immigrants to the United States, too? How many of them were legal, anyway?

I don't know about yours, but mine came over from Naples on a boat, claiming to be "on their honeymoon", and just never went back.  The derogatory term for Italians, WOP, supposedly standing for "Without Papers", actually rings true for them, then.  I am the great-grandchild of illegal aliens. And without them, I wouldn't be where I am today.

According to this Italian genealogy website, your people were probably from Sicily.  You have been assimilated by the American notion of "nativism" and you have forgotten where you come from.

Disgraziata. I hope the amnesty legislation passes just so you can eat humble pie. You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

Joe Guzzardi comments: You don't point to where I am wrong or what I am wrong about.  I don't know where you live, but in California illegal immigration is uncontrolled, a huge budget drain, few learn English and even fewer have truly assimilated.

But I am happy that you are so pleased with yourself for being tolerant of illegal behavior.

As for my Sicilian ancestors, they entered the U.S legally through Ellis Island. And from the day they set foot into America, they put aside their Italian roots and were proud of their new country.

And by the way, you apparently do not know what the word "nativism" means: to think that a native-born American is better than or superior to a foreign-born American. I do not and never have felt that way.

I am opposed to illegal immigration...period!

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